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Siwertell meets modern demands for clean, high-capacity coal unloaders

Siwertell’s highest capacity totally-enclosed screw-type coal unloaders provides discharge rates in excess of 3,000t/h; around one metric ton every second. This impressive coal handling performance is delivered with minimal dust and no spillage, unlike competitor unloaders such as grab cranes and bucket elevator systems. Read more >>

Siwertell ship loaders and conveying systems are well-established bulk material handling systems at major coal loading ports around the world, with loading rates of up to 3,000t/h. 



Coal – a challenging bulk commodity

Coal can be a challenging bulk material to handle because of varying consistencies, levels of moisture and dust, along with the inclusion of other materials, especially clay. Our ship loaders, ship unloaders and conveying systems can handle all grades of coal.

Coal for the power and steel industries

Most large-scale coal handling is related to steel manufacturing and power generation. We anticipated the increasing demands in both sectors by developing very high capacity ship loaders, ship unloaders and associated conveying systems to maintain our long established market position. We are ready for even higher capacities, should the demand arise.

Our market-leading through-ship performance and reduced clean-up requirements ensure quick turnarounds that minimize the time vessels spend alongside at loading and discharge terminals.

Dedicated coal lines save millions at big steel plants

Steel plants consume large tonnages of iron ore and metallurgical coal, otherwise known as metcoal or coking coal. Traditionally they employ a single unloading system for both bulk commodities, generally grab cranes or bucket systems. However, these are not the most efficient methods. Installing a separate Siwertell ship unloader for dedicated coal handling can save a large steel plant millions of dollars a year through greater efficiency.

There is no spillage using a Siwertell unloader, while grab cranes can lose up to two percent of a coal cargo during discharge.  Read more >>

Remote controll used to unload coal with a Siwertell ship unloader

One-stop-shop for coal terminals

Siwertell’s range of tailor-made unloaders, loaders and conveying systems can provide the ideal bulk handling arrangements for coal operations of any size. We offer well-matched up- and-down-stream conveying systems, offering a one-stop-shop for your terminal requirements. Read more >>

Zero spillage and minimal dust creation deliver environment friendly operations that easily meet all relevant current regulations.

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