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Siwertell outperforms all traditional alumina handling technology

Siwertell totally-enclosed screw-type unloaders outperform all traditional alumina unloading options, such as grab cranes and pneumatic systems. This is because with Siwertell unloaders there is minimal cargo degradation and no cargo loss from spillage. Siwertell loaders and conveyors are well-established as preferred bulk material handling systems for alumina at ports across the world. 



Alumina: a valuable bulk commodity

Alumina (aluminum oxide) is a valuable, powdery bulk commodity used primarily for the production of aluminum. This lightweight metal has important qualities of strength, conductivity, flexibility and resistance to corrosion that lend it to uses ranging from food packaging to airplane construction. Unlike many metals and other materials, aluminum can be recycled indefinitely without suffering any reduction in quality.

Careful bulk handling and zero spillage save a lot of money

Alumina requires careful handling because smelting costs rise dramatically if the percentage of fines (dust) in the cargo is increased by damage caused during bulk handling operations. Adopting Siwertell unloaders can save an alumina operation a great deal of money as a result of controlling its smelting costs and receiving all its shipped cargo. Read more >>

Siwertell alumina ship unloader with ship in background

Capacities to suit every alumina operation

Siwertell offers a full range of tailor-made ship unloaders and ship loaders, fixed and traveling, along with conveyors; all offering highly efficient, reliable alumina handling. Siwertell’s road-mobile unloaders and conveying systems are ideal for smaller alumina operations, particularly when an operator uses more than one port.

In all cases the absence of spillage and the minimal dust creation provide excellent environment-friendly performance that easily meets all current regulations. The low noise levels mean that alumina discharge can take place near to waterfront residential areas and leisure boating facilities.

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