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Siwertell News: a good read

We publish our customer magazine Siwertell News twice a year. It contains our news stories along with industry-related articles ranging from detailed analysis of market sectors to operational case studies. These studies cover new stand-alone deliveries to complex terminal projects. You might learn why a road-mobile unloader could be the perfect solution for you or how to stay safe when handling hazardous bulk materials. We tell you about our service and maintenance activities, illustrating the commitment we bring to our customers throughout the working lives of their Siwertell bulk material handling systems.

Below you will find the three latest issues. For older Siwertell News issues, please visit our ISSUU channel here.  

Front cover of Siwertell News customer magazine issue 1 2018

Siwertell News - Issue 1 2018

Topics include:

  • how to choose the right ship unloader
  • safe and efficient grain handling 
  • service taken care of by experts
  • networking conference in Indonesia
  • noise reduction on biomass/coal unloader


Front cover of customer magazine Siwertell News issue 1 2017

Siwertell News - 2017

Topics include:

  • new port-mobile unloader 
  • next-generation road-mobile units 
  • expanded digital presence 
  • digital upgrades
  • seminars for customer engagement


Front cover of customer magazine Siwertell News issue 2 2016

Siwertell News - Issue 2 2016

Topics include:

  • cooking coal unloading for steel industry
  • alumina handling
  • sulfur handling in Jordan
  • fertilizer handling
  • 10 top tips to get the most from your Siwertell unloader


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