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Siwertell: a global leader in intelligent bulk handling solutions

Siwertell is a world-leading supplier of ship unloaders, road-mobile ship unloaders, ship loaders, mechanical and pneumatic conveying systems and bulk terminal solutions. All Siwertell solutions are created to ensure environment-friendly, efficient dry bulk handling operations. Our products are designed, marketed and sold from our facility in Sweden, and Siwertell is part of Cargotec that has its base in Finland. 


Alumina unloading for Aluminij Mostar in Croatia.

Siwertell ship unloaders are ideal for alumina handling, providing a highly efficient and environmentally-sound operation. Aluminj Mostar in Croatia is using a Siwertell road-mobile unloader for their aluminium production plant. To read the full case story, please click here.

West Palm Beach

Cement unloading for Cemex in the US.

Cemex Inc. is using two gantry-mounted mechanical Siwertell 10 000 S unloaders for their cement handling sites in Wilmington and West Palm Beach in Florida, US. Each unit is fitted with a pneumatic conveying system. To read the full case story, please click here.

Jorf Lasfar

Grain unloading increases terminal grain intake for Jorf Lasfar in Morocco.

Jorf Lasfar is using two Siwertell ship unloaders for their grain terminal in Morocco, increasing the grain intake as well as improving the surrounding environment during operation. To read the full case story, please click here.


Cement unloading for Hormigones in Spain.

The Siwertell road-mobile unloader is an excellent choice when loading of bulk materials into trucks is required. The dual-loading bellows system is automatic and allows for highly efficient non-stop loading. Hormigones in Spain uses this model for unloading cement from 15,000 dwt ships. To read the full case story, please click here.


Biomass and coal handled with the same ship unloader for TP Utilities in Singapore.

The demand for biomass handling equipment continues to rise as power plants seek to improve their environmental credentials by co-firing and burning both coal and biomass. TP Utilities in Singapore has chosen to use a Siwertell ship unloader due to its capability of handling both materials with one machine, as well as its totally enclosed conveyors, leaving a clean and safe port environment. To read the full case story, please click here.


Soya bean and corn unloading for Bunge Brazil in Brazil.

This new terminal was constructed to increase the export capacity for soya beans grown in Brazil’s Mato Gross State and transported to the coast by truck and barge. The Siwertell ship unloader that Bunge Brazil chose for the terminal handles soya beans, soya meal and corn. To read the full case story, please click here.


Extremely high cement unloading capacity provided for Houston Cement Co. in Houston, US.

This cement handling terminal, owned by Houston Cement Company in the US, includes unloading and storage in silos of 100,000t in total. With low cost for maintenance and power consumption, the heavy-duty Siwertell ship unloader operating here is exceptionally suitable for the terminals’ high yearly through put. To read the full case story, please click here.


Sulphur and fertilizer unloading in Bhubaneswar, India.

The port environment has improved heavily in Bhubaneswar since the installation of a Siwertell ship unloader. Paradeep Phosphates Limited, that ranks as one of Asia’s second largest producers of DAP, believes that environment protection is a mainstream function of any business enterprise. To read the full case story, please click here.

Black & Veach

Coal unloading for Black & Veach on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines.

A new coal-fired power plant has been built to power communities in and around the city of Davao in the Philippines. Black & Veach have opted for a Siwertell ship unloader to handle the coal, providing a highly efficient, clean and reliable operation. To read the full case story, please click here.


Coal unloading for large power plant in South Korea.

Four high-capacity Siwertell coal unloaders are operating next to each other at the Yonghung power Plant in South Korea, providing an efficient and environment-friendly operation. To read the full case story, please click here.

Experts at what we do

Our employees are true experts in dry bulk handling, many of which have dedicated decades of their working years at Siwertell. Together we are a strong team of passionate engineers and other expertise alike in the company. Virtually any dry bulk material can be handled by Siwertell systems and we continuously engage in developing new product features to comply with the constantly changing market needs. 

We are always happy to answer your questions and will do our best to find the most efficient, cost-worthy and environment friendly solution designed for your specific needs. Contact us >> 

Original innovators of screw conveyor technology

The success of Siwertell screw conveyor technology is based on our unique, patented inlet feeder, designed and developed by the two Swedish inventors, Olle Siwersson and Gunnar Tell, who combined their surnames to give our brand its famous name. The screw's potential for ship unloading applications was recognized in 1974 when the Siwertell ship unloader was born, along with the company AB Siwertell. The first Siwertell ship unloader was sold that same year to a dutch company, and since then hundreds of import and export terminals have employed Siwertell bulk handling solutions in ports worldwide. Read more >>

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