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MacGREGOR RoRo systems to serve new Grimaldi series from Uljanik

MacGREGOR is supplying RoRo access equipment worth close to €9 million for a series of five 25,000 dwt multipurpose RoRo ships ordered by Grimaldi Group (Naples) from Uljanik Shipyard

Five ships in a new-generation deepsea RoRo series ordered by Italian RoRo shipping specialist Grimaldi Group (Naples) from Uljanik Shipyard in Pula, Croatia, feature RoRo access systems designed and delivered by MacGREGOR. Each shipset comprises the complete stern quarter ramp system, four internal ramp way doors, the hoistable car deck access ramp and about 9,000m2 of car decks. The equipment will be delivered between 2007 and 2009.

This new series is a development of earlier Grimaldi deepsea RoRo series – the ’Repubblica’ and ’Grande America’ classes, also served by MacGREGOR RoRo equipment – and represents Uljanik’s first venture into the deepsea RoRo market.

Grimaldi Group (Naples) and Uljanik Shipyard have an established relationship based on a long PCTC series for which MacGREGOR is also supplying RoRo equipment outfits: the first ship was delivered five years ago and the 11th is scheduled for handover in 2007. “This important new order will consolidate business for the MacGREGOR Group with this leading shipowner, and strengthen our long-held relationship with Uljanik Shipyard,” said Karl Axel Persson, the RoRo Ship division’s sales manager.

The new multipurpose RoRo series will feature a hold capacity of over 2,500 lane-metres of rolling or equivalent project cargo and 1,500 cars or vans. Additionally, up to 800 TEU of containers can be stowed on the weather deck.

The MacGREGOR-designed hoistable car decks feature two layers, and the simple and innovative design of the hoisting arrangement will allow very flexible positioning of these. The decks are configured to meet Grimaldi’s needs, but the concept also allows many other combinations to be provided to suit different owner requirements. This means that several possibilities are available to make the best use of the main deck area when stowing different combinations of vehicles and cargo.

The car decks will be manufactured and assembled locally by Uljanik in its facilities in Vodnjan. The MacGREGOR design is unique because each panel comprises two parts connected by hinges. This allows the panels to be fitted late in the shipbuilding schedule rather than requiring the car decks to be ready early enough to be installed at the block-outfitting stage. This in turn simplifies production planning as well as giving the shipowner the ability to replace panels once the ship is in operation. Transport from the manufacturing site to yard also benefits from this feature.

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